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Cake is a Hero Card in Card Wars. She is one of two default Hero Cards you unlock when you purchase the in-game extension Fionna & Cake Adventure or after playing the demo. As of now, she can only be used in her story Fionna & Cake Adventure, and Deck Wars.

Hero AbilityEdit

(3 Turns) Gain 3 extra Magic Points for 1 turn.


Much like BMO, Magic Man, and Finn, Cake can be used to create a greater play in one turn, but Cake manages to be the best hero in this category. You can potentially create inescapable combos that lead to death, or protect yourself from an onslaught your opponent set up. Use this ability either immediately or one turn later to set up a great play & get this ability back sooner.

There is no way to counter this ability. The most you can do is use Falling Star to partially nullify the ability, or delay them from using it.


- Along with Fionna, she can be only unlocked when you purchase the in-game extension Fionna and Cake Adventure or after playing the demo.

- Fionna and Cake are the only 2 Heroes to not only not be allowed in the normal quests, but are the only 2 Heroes that are playable (as of now) in the Fionna & Cake Adventure expansion.

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