Card Wars Carnival is a weekly event in Card Wars. During this period, card drops from opening Chests gain an increased boosted rate. Starts on Tuesdays.

There are 7 different Card Wars Carnivals in total, which occur in a cycle.

Card Wars CarnivalsEdit

  • Corn Carnival
    • Corn Cards 5x chance to drop in the Algebraic Chest.
    • Featured cards: Cornataur, Corn Lord, Corn Ronin, Field Reaper, Field Stalker, Husker Giant, and more!
  • Plains Party
    • Plains Cards 5x chance to drop in Algebraic Chest.
    • Featuring: Dragon Foot, Woadic Marauder, Punk Cat, Embarrassing Bard, X-Large Spirit Soldier and more!
  • Hero Card Carnival
    • ​Hero Cards 10x chance to drop in Algebraic Chest.
    • This includes: BMO, Lumpy, Earl of Lemongrab, Ricardio, Hunson Abadeer, Gunter, and Ash.
  • Nicelands Jubilee
    • Nicelands Cards 5x chance to drop in Algebraic Chest.
    • Featuring: Dog Boy, Farmer Tom, Sgt. Mushroom, Good King Wonderful, Fluffantry, The Cow, and more!
  • Swamp Shindig
    • Swamp Cards 5x chance to drop in Algebraic Chest.
    • Featuring: Dr. Death, Mama Spider, Dark Angel, Red Eyeling, Tree of Underneath, and more!
  • Rare Card Carnival
  • Sandy Beach Bash
    • ​Sandy Beach creatures 5x to drop in Algebraic Chest.
    • Featuring: Mud Angel, Fummy, Sand Knight, Sandy, Lost Golem, Pieclops, Wall of Sand, and more!

Special CarnivalsEdit

  • Gold Gala
    • Gold creatures 3x chance to drop in Algebraic Chest.
    • Featuring: Fluffantry, Immortal Maize Walker, Lost Golem, Rainbow Barfer,and more!
  • Halloween Festival (October 16, 2014 to November 03, 2014)
    • Holloween Cards ?x chance to drop in Halloween Chest/Algebraic Chest.
    • Featuring: Black Cat, Ghost Bull, Madame Seota, Polterclops, and more!
  • Holiday Festival (December 04, 2014 to January 15, 2015)
    • Holiday Cards ?x chance to drop in Holiday Chest/Algebraic Chest.
    • Featuring: Pea Soup Barfer, Paladim, Rainbow Gnome, Wall of Chocolate, and more
  • Obsidian Festival
    • For a Limited Time, Black Cards are available in Algebraic Chest.
    • Algebraic Rare and Very Rare Cards.
    • No Rare Cards and Gold Cards.

It happens when play Fiona and cake adventures, You get 6 Black cards at the end and a unique ^Obsidian Chest^ .


  • Card Wars Carnivals were first introduced in the v1.04 Update.

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