Infinite figure: Floop increases YOUR floop cost by 1 next turn instead of your opponent's

Wall of Chocolate: Has no animation

Falling Star: Occasionally freezes the game if used on the first turn

Immortal Maize Walker: Has no face when played

Psionic Architect: Occasionally shows up backwards when played, fixed after attacking

Fisher Fish: Has no animation

Pea Soup Barfer: Has no sound effect

Spirit Torch: Occasionally freezes the game

Volcano: After being played, the effect at the top of the screen does not go away

Doctor Finn: Has no Hero Ability animation

Pajama Finn: Has no Hero Ability animation

BlackHole Pendant: When a defensive building is used on a creature after this card is played, it splits its effect in half

Davey Bear: When flooped it will make the Hero picture move out of it's place.

Witch Way: Raises your magic points by 3 if all of your landscapes are the same.

Cave of Solitude: Can randomly increase someone's attack very highly.

If your opponent summons a creature that is always shown moving and you don't, the game could freeze.

In some quests, your opponent casts unempty coffin and then scroll of bad breath, freezing the game.