Clairvoyant Daggerstorm (★★★)
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Clairvoyant Daggerstorm

Card Type




Magic Cost


Spell Effect

Choose an opposing creature and double the amount of Damage on it.



Clairvoyant Daggerstorm is a 3 Star, Rare spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Algebraic Chest/Cool Chest, or as loot in battle.


Overview Edit

Tips Edit

Use against high-defense creatures that you've already done a substantial amount of damage on.


The direct counter to this spell is Psychic Tempest


Can be used to craft

Card Drop Location Edit

Clairvoyant Daggerstorm can be obtained from many quests once rare chests drop as loot, including the following:

  • Quest 38 (Princess Bubblegum)
  • Quest 45 (Earl of lemongrab)
  • Quest 47 (BMO)
  • Quest 50 (Lumpy Space Princess)
  • Quest 57 (Ricardio Heart Guy)
  • Quest 59 (Flame Princess)
  • Quest 61 (Hunson Abadeer)
  • Quest 63 (Hunson Abadeer)
  • Quest 114 (Lumpy Space Princess)

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