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Corn Castle (★★)
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Corn Castle

Card Type




Magic Cost


Building Effect

Creature in this lane gets +2 Attack for each of your creatures on the field.



Corn Castle is a 2 Star, Nice building in Card Wars. It can be obtained as a loot in Quest 16 or through crafting at the Card Forge.


This is a attack building card, so if you have around 2-4 creatures on the field and the creature in this lane has an ocean shot to damage the opposing hero, put this building in that lane.



Use this card when you have 4 or three creatures on your field.


In case your opponent has all-filled lanes, use a Dragon Foot, so with 32defense, it should not be defeated before flooping.


Corn Castle is craftable after beating Quest 43.

Corn Castle can be crafted using

Corn Castle can be used to craft

Card Drop LocationEdit

Unobtainable as loot.

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