Corn Dome (★)
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Corn Dome

Card Type




Magic Cost


Building Effect

Creature in this lane gets +2 Attack.


Corn Dome is a 1 Star, Cool Building in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Cool Chest, or as loot in battle.


Overview Edit

Corn Dome is the basic building card of the game. It is always unlocked first time when beating level 1, and sometimes when it is replayed. The corn dome gives a +3 attack boost to any creature on that lane.


Corn Dome costs only 1 Magic Point, so it is very useful especially in the early game. It is recommended to pair it with Low-Offense- High-Defense creatures, such as The Pig , Heavenly Gazer or Angel Heart. With the +3 Attack boost, these creatures can deal considerably more damage each round. Be aware that if a creature has at a minimum 3 less attack than health, it will die from a cerebral bloodstorm after the boost.


Any creature able to destroy buildings with floop abilities such as axey and dragon foot. Green merman is also a good counter because it's floop ability deals more damage if enemy buildings are present. Another counter is the volcano, able to destroy both the creature in the lane and the building.


Corn Dome can be used to craft

Card Drop LocationEdit

Quest Drop Rate
1 100.000%
4 9.0909%
5 10.0000%
6 9.0909%
7 7.6923%
8 21.4826%
10 6.6667%
11 14.2857%
13 6.2500%
17 5.6818%
22 5.9527%
23 7.0423%
24 6.6667%
31 13.8850%
32 12.1921%
33 12.1921%
37 7.6923%
40 8.1967%
80 22.7273%
81 20.0000%
91 14.9076%
92 14.8721%
93 14.8810%
112 15.2532%
113 15.2486%
114 15.2532%
Dungeon of Madness Lv. 0 6.67%
Dungeon of Terror Lv. 0 6.67%
Dungeon of Weird Lv. 0 6.67%
Dungeon of Thirst Lv. 0 6.67%
Dungeon of Fear Lv. 0 6.67%

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