Corn Fields is one of the six factions in Card Wars.

This faction is essentially the opposite of Sandy Lands, in the sense that Corn cards have defensive stats but floops that raise and lower attack. Sand has attack-based stats and floops that raise defense.

From another perspective they are the opposite of nice lands, as most nice lands cards have low attack and high defense ex: sack o' pain, whereas corn fields usually have high attack and low defense ex: patchy the pumpkin

Corn Fields cards mainly seek to increase or decrease the attack points of the creatures on the board. This could be the creature itself, such as Cornball and Corn Ronin , the opposing creature, as in Archer Dan and Ethan Allfire , or even other creatures on your side, like for Legion of Earlings . Hence, Corn Fields decks are mainly setup to rush the opponent. Note that this is Jake's favorite landscape in the episode "Card Wars" (Season 4, Episode 14 of Cartoon Network's 'Adventure Time.')

Corn Fields Cards Edit

Archer Dan
Captain Taco
Corn Dog
Corn Lord
Corn Ronin
Ethan Allfire
Field Reaper
Field Stalker
Ghost Sludger
Husker Giant
Husker Knight
Husker Worm
Legion of Earlings
Log Knight
Patchy the Pumpkin
Purple Cow
Rural Earl
Sun King
The Sludger
Travelin' Farmer
Ugly Tree
Wall of Ears
Yellow Gnome