Corn Scepter (★★)
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Corn Scepter

Card Type




Magic Cost


Spell Effect

Choose a Corn creature and attack the opposing creature in its lane



Corn Scepter is a 2 Star, Nice spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained as a loot in Quest 22.




Useful as a crafting material but it is good in battle too. Use it on a corn creature to attack the creature in the opposing lane. Therefore, inflicting double damage (from spell and battle phase).The player can use it on high attack creatures like Husker Giant to get rid to cards like Cool Dog the opposing player is using to defend.You can then use buildings like Corn Castle to deal more damage to the opposing hero.


If you suspect that your opponent has this card, use Psychic Tempest or make sure the opponent doesn't have a corn creature to use it on.


Corn Scepter can be used to craft

Card Drop LocationEdit

Corn Scepter can be obtained as loot in

Quest Drop Rate Opponent
22 5.5556% Dr Donut
40 13.1148% Jake
41 24.2424% Jake
44 16.0000% Earl of Lemongrab
Madness 1 14.29% Finn
Terror 1 12.50% Jake

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