This is a list of hidden things shown in a cards icon.

Ghost Sludger: If You Look Closely, he has a mace instead of a hammer, what the normal Sludger has.

Corn Lord: When summoned, you can hear it fart briefly.

Improved Sugar Imp: Look Closely, He Is Holding A Sugar Cube.

Black Cat: Has green eyes and wears a wizard hat.

Record Thug: He is holding a toothbrush, and you can also see other records behind him.

Soft Eyeling/Red Eyeling/Polterclops: Have mouths.

Rainbow Barfer/Pea Soup Barfer: Have legs.

Woad Blood: Has shark teeth on it.

Diamond Dan: Has a slingshot.

Infinite Figure:Has a rake.

Sand Jackal: Seems to have spread sand in its surroundings.

Haunted Windmill: Has ghost slime on it.

Peach Djini: Has a juice box.

Good King Wonderful: Has a crown resembling the Ice King's.

Sand Angel: Has a tiny sand castle above its head.

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