The following are some editing guidelines that Card Wars wiki adheres to and encourages in its editors. For additional clarification, please contact an admin or ask in the forums.

General GuidelinesEdit

Editing a PageEdit

All editors are encouraged and welcomed to make edits to a page that could be improved, be it in terms of correcting spelling and grammar, organizing or expanding the information on the page. However, editors are advised to exercise circumspection when making changes to key content on the wiki, such as templates or the accepted style of page formatting. Editors are strongly encouraged to consult an admin should they wish to propose a major change.

Edit SummaryEdit

The edit summary is a summary of changes made to a page in the edit. They are useful in keeping track of the development of a page. The edit summary should be used to highlight any major changes made through an edit. A short and concise statement will suffice. If the change was a minor one, such as correcting spelling/grammar, an edit summary is not required. Editors should avoid including information that is not-relevant to the edit made in the edit summary, such as comments on the information on the page. These should be left in the comments section at the bottom of the page instead.

Adding a PageEdit

Before adding a page to the wiki, editors should ensure that

  1. A similar page does not already exist on the wiki, or the content is not already on another page.
  2. The topic is one of significance.
  3. There is substantial information available to be included in the page.
  4. The layout and format of the pages follows that as listed in the Manual of Style.

Failure to meet the above criteria will result in the page being deleted. Editors are strongly encouraged to consult an admin and/or other members on the wiki before adding new pages to the wiki, with the exception of card pages. Should editors wish to propose a merging or splitting of pages, they can contact an admin.

Minimum Standard for PagesEdit

Articles should be on topics which have sufficient enough information to warrant a standalone page. Otherwise, the page may be nominated for merger, or deletion. Articles generally should have at least a lead section, and a paragraph in the main body.

Adding a CategoryEdit

Categories help to classify and sort the various pages on the wiki into different groups. It is advised that editors refrain from adding insignificant categories that do not help to serve this purpose. Editors are strongly encouraged to consult an admin and/or other members on the wiki before adding categories. The category page should also include some information on the particular category.

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