Falling Star (★★★)
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Falling Star

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Spell Effect

Opponent gets 2 less Magic Point next turn.



Falling Star is a 3 Star, Rare Spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained as a loot in Quest 28 and 52 or through the Algebraic Chest, the Cool Chest, or through crafting at the Card Forge.



Any player could easily make dominance over the enemy with this card. Plus, since opponents rarely use all their magic, it makes this card more devastating to the opponent the next round.


If you've fought the opponent before and know they have a card you don't want them to use, this card is the key.

First, try to go first in a battle. Next, use this card and play cards such as Witch Way to keep the opponent from playing anything their first turn and to get more Magic Points yourself to put down a high hitting card on your second turn, such as Patchy the Pumpkin.


The only way to counter this card is if you use the floop of a Future Scholar or a Poultrygeist the last turn, or if you use the ability of Finn (Hero Card) or BMO (Hero Card). Magic Man (Hero Card) can be also used but his ability only restores one Magic Point.


Falling Star can be crafted using

Falling Star can be used to craft

Bugs Edit

Might freeze the game if used on the first turn