Field of Nightmares (★★★)
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Field of Nightmares

Card Type




Magic Cost


Spell Effect

Choose an opposing creature. It cannot use its Floop ability next turn.



Field of Nightmares is a 3 Star, Rare spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Algebraic Chest, or as loot in a battle.



This card is similar to the floop of Embarrassing Bard. It can be used to stop enemies with good floops like Sandfoot or Woadic Chief


Use it on creatures with good floops which are a threat to your team.


Field of Nightmares can be used to craft


  • It appears in the Card Wars Episode when Jake summons the Legion of Earlings in the Field of Nightmares, though this card isn't required to summon Legion of Earlings in the game.
  • This card is similar to Embarassing Bard's Floop, execpt for one less magic point.

Card Drop Location Edit

Field of Nighmares can be obtained as loot in

  • Dungeons
    • Dungeon of Terror (Level 2)
    • Dungeon of Weird (Level 2)
  • Fionna & Cake Adventure
    • Quest 23 (SnowBerry)[[Category:Uncrackable

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