Gunter Hero Card

Gunter is a Hero Card in Card Wars. It can be obtained as reward in Quest 57, or through the Algebraic Chest.

Hero Ability Edit

(3 turns) Return any Spell card from the Discard Pile to your hand.


This ability can be very useful if your opponent brings out a strong creature and you need to get "Cerebral Bloodstorm" or "Volcano" back to take him out! Another use would be to re-use a card you only have one of, like a 3 Star rarity spell.

-Use "Brief Power" and then use Gunter's ability to get the card again and recast the spell (at cost of 0 magic), lowering the cost of all cards by 2 points.

-With 4 or 5 different landscapes in the field, use Gunter's ability to cast "Witch Way" twice in the turn to get a lot of magic points that can be used for spells, summons, buildings, or floops.

Notes Edit

Gunter's hero ability is similar to Scroll Of Bad Breath.