As reported in the commentaries the bug has been fixed, BUT IF YOU PLAY THE GAME WITH THE INTERNET TURNED OFF IT CANNOT UPDATE and thus the bug goes on!!

(Please add your loot pictures to the commentaries, so I can add them to the page) Since the halloween update, players have been reporting very powerful loot drops on quest 108 and quest 48. What both these quests have in common is that the possible card drops on the quest menu have one card missing:

The range of this glitch is very wide, as it seems that any card on the game can be obtained this way, including blacks and unreleased ones! The loot is also generally really powerful as it seems in most times you will get golden creatures and cards above 3 star rarity.

The loot reported include (Pictures in the end of the page):

Golden Creatures:

Steak Chop, Dragon Foot, Baldferatu, Fairy Shepard, Lady Mary, Banshe Queen, Huskerbat, Chest Burster, Legion of Earlings, Detective Sally, Dark Angel, The Cow, Ethan Allfire, Drooling Dude, Herculeye, Mouthball, Diamond Dan, The Sludger, Soft Eyeling, Fantasmo, Ice Paladin, Gray Eyebat, Travelin' Farmer, Green Cactaball, Tree of Underneath, Immortal Maize Walker.

Black Creatures:

Marky Mark, Apple Tree, Eye Guy.


Papercut Tiger, Pentaid, Fly Swatter, Dr. Fluffenstein, Kung Fu Power, Funeral Home, Ancient Psychic Tandem Blast.


Pea Soup Barfer, Wall of Chocolate, Ghost Sludger, Ghost Djini, Paladim, Rainbow Gnome, Po the Wizard, Blue Slimey, Giant Mummy Hand, Ugly Tree,


Shadow pyramid, Mausoleum, Corn Dome,

Other creatures and spells:

Woadic Chief, Magic Hot Dog Pie, Brief Power, Mama Spider, Ancient Scholar, Scroll of Fresh Breath, Lost Golem, Captain Taco, Bone Wand, Super Hug, Corn Scepter, Husker Giant, Rainbow Barfer, Dr. Death, Nice Ice Baby, Sack O' Pain, Travelin' Wizard, Portal to Nowhere, Tax Reduction, Incredible Egg, Dark Portal, The Mariachi, Travelin' Skeleton, Furious Hen, Quadurai, Blueberry Djini, Corn Ronin, Fat Goat, Field Stalker, Ms. Mummy, Nicelands Eye Bat, Fountain of Forgiveness, White Ninja.

(Check the commentaries for more loot from many players)

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