Hunson Abadeer Hero Card
Hunson Abadeer is a Hero Card in Card Wars. It can be obtained as reward in Quest 33, or through the Algebraic Chest.

Hero AbilityEdit

(4 Turns) All cards cast this turn cost 1 less magic point.


One of the best heroes to use when you have a lot of mp 1 cards. Try to save it until your field is looking empty. Or use it to combat your opponent's Camera Dude floop or Falling star.

Use his power then a breif power then falling star then anything else you have for ultimate power. Also works vey well with witch ways.

Use if when you have a lot for buildings to unleash the fire!


  • Hunson Abadeer's hero ability is the same ability as Brief Power but for free.
  • It is a better version than Lemongrab and Doctor Finn, because this ability is for all cards. :)