Marky Mark (★★★★★)
Useless Swamp icon
Marky Mark

Card Type



Useless Swamp

Magic Cost








Floop Ability

Deal 3 Damage to opposing creature for every rarity Star it has.

Floop Cost


Marky Mark is a 5 star, Algebraic Rare Useless Swamp creature in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Black Card Tournament as the 1st prize of Tournament #8.



Marky Mark is a Black, Algebraic Rare Card. Black Cards are mostly useful for the start of the game, when your enemy is placing down cards like Cool Dog and Travelin' Farmer. Placing this card, or any Black Card for that matter, will give you an immediate advantage. His floop is expensive, for a Black Card floop, so make sure only to use it if it will result in instant-killing your enemy, or crippling it enough so that you can defeat it.


Marky Mark, having high defense, is recommended to be used as a wall throughout the game. Place defensive structures on him, to increase his already decent defense. In the later game, when your opponent uses creatures like Woadic Chief and Dr. Death, use his floop ability to cripple it to a state that you could defeat in 2/3 turns.

If you use a high-attack building, such as, say, Silo of Truth, and use his floop, it is possible to kill very high level enemies, like Husker Giant, or Lost Golem, before they can floop and increase their stats. His FLOOP can also kill a Dr. Death in one blow.


Use a creature with low rarity, and extremely high defense. A Field Stalker is recommended  for this job, but there are other viable options.You can also use a creature with 23 or higher attack.


Uncraftable and cannot be used to craft other cards.

Card Drop LocationEdit

Unobtainable as loot.



In the physical game, he is called Headphone jerk and is significantly weaker.

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