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Pete Bog (★)
Useless Swamp icon
Pete Bog

Card Type



Useless Swamp

Magic Cost







Floop Ability

Deal 3 Damage for each card in your hand to the creature in the opposing lane.

Floop Cost


Pete Bog is a 1 Star, Cool Useless Swamp creature in Card Wars.


Overview: Pete Bog has 9 attack and 12 defense, which is a good amount for both. This can be earned with the Holiday Chest.

Tips: For Pete's Floop to do maximum effect, get around 5 or more cards in your hand. This will deal 15+ damage to your opponent, and there's a chance it could die.

Counter: You can kill him by using any of the following methods:

  1. You could deal 3+ damage to him, then use the Cerebral Bloodstorm spell on him. This will total 12 or more.
  2. You could lower his defense, damage him with Floops, or a mixture of both, by a total of 12 or more.
  3. You could just simply attack him with a creature of 12+ attack.


This creature cannot be crafted.

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