Princess Bubblegum Hero Card

Princess Bubblegum is a Hero Card in Card Wars. It can be obtained as reward in Quest 12. 

Hero AbilityEdit

(4 Turns) Fully heal all of your creatures.


Useful ability that will likely only be used twice or thrice in a game, it's very helpful when your higher magic creatures health is low. It also doesn't take very long to activate making it a fairly practical hero card choice.

This card can be used in a nicelands/sandylands deck (aim is to stall opponent out of cards) just for an extra heal in case you wanted to use your magic for other purposes than flooping.

This ability is easily countered by either finishing off the opponent quickly or by killing the creatures before they have time to heal back up. Another way to counter it is by using corn cards to increase attacking power until a creature has enough attacks to 1-hit kill the creature, meaning healing would be rendered useless.