Quest 41 (Jake - lvl 14 - 80 HP - 26/28): Edit

(3x) Woadic Time Walker (3x) Poultrygeist (3x) Huskerworm (4x) Improved Sugar Imp
(1x) Comfy Cave (1x) Cough Syrup (2x) Wall of Ears (3x) The Sludger
(2x) Grape Butt (2x) Sand Castle (2x) Dragon Claw

Quest 49 (Lumpy Space Princess - lvl 17 - 95 HP - deck size 22/31): Edit

(3x) Beach Mum (2x) Burning Hand (2x) Dragon Claw (1x) Heavenly Gazer
(1x) Cerebral Bloodstorm (1x) Corn Castle (2x) Temporal Wisp (2x) Sand Eyebat
(2x) Clairvoyant Daggerstorm (3x) Wall of Sand (2x) Woadic Time Walker (1x) Sand Pyramid

Quest 53 (Marceline - lvl 18 - 100 HP - deck size 26/32): Edit

(2x) Grey Eyebat (2x) Fairy Sheppard (3x) Nicelands Eyebat (2x) Blueberry Djini
(2x) Cough Syrup (4x) Detective Bobby (1x) Volcano (3x) Hot Eyebat
(2x) Silo of Truth (1x) Corn Castle (3x) Red Eyeling (1x) Mace Stump

Quest 60 (Flame Princess - lvl 20 - 110 HP - deck size 31/34): Edit

(2x) Cerebral Bloodstorm (2x) Clairvoyant Daggerstorm (1x) Evil Eye (1x) Freezy J.
(2x) Fummy (4x) Lime Slimey (2x) Mud Angel (2x) Nicelands Tower
(3x) Sand Knight (2x) Sandfoot (2x) Silo of Truth (1x) Snake Eye Ring
(1x) Spirit Torch (2x) Unempty Coffin (3x) Wall of Sand (1x) White Ninja

Quest 81 (Jake - lvl 25 - 135 HP - deck size 12*/39): Edit

*(please note that this deck's card listing is not complete, but you will still have a fairly good idea of what you will face against it)

(1x) Sludger (1x) The Pig (1x) skull juice (1x) Corn Lord
(2x) Husker Giant (1x) Nicelands Tower (2x) Unempty Coffin (1x) Archer Dan
(1x) Corn Ronin (1x) Evil Eye

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