The Rainbow faction is very well balanced. They can be used on any landscape, and they have qualities of all five factions. However, rainbow cards have naturally lower stats to make up for their versatility. All spells and Buildings are Rainbow Cards.

Rainbow Cards Edit

Creatures Edit

Big Foot
Brain Gooey
Chad Bear
Detective Sally
Drooling Dude
Evil eye
Fisher Fish
Freezy J
Furious Chick
Future Scholar
Ghost Ninja
Green snakey
Ice. Paladin
Improved Sugar Imp
Nice Ice Baby
Ordinary Ninja
Peach djini
Porcelain Guardian
Rainbow Gnome
Snowy McSnow
The Mariachi
The Pickler
The Pig
Travelin' Skeleton
Unicycle Knight
White Ninja


Banana Butt
BlackHole Pendant
Blood Transfusion
Bone Wand
Brief Power
Bubblegum Butt
Cerebral Bloodstorm
Clairvoyant Daggerstorm
Corn Scepter
Cough Syrup
Crystal Ball
Dark Portal
Door of Strength
Falling Star
Field of Nightmares
Fountain of Forgiveness
Grape Butt
Hot Dog Rain
Incredible Egg
Kung Fu Power
Magic Hot Dog Pie
Pie Storm
Portal to Nowhere
Psychic Tempest
Puma Claw
Scroll of Bad Breath
Scroll of Fresh Breath
Skull Juice
Snake Eye Ring
Spirit Torch
Strawberry Butt
Subliminal Strength
Super Hug
Tax Reduction
Throne of Doom
Throne of Gloom
Tome of Ankhs
UFO Abduction
Ultimate Magic Hands
Unempty Coffin
Witch Way
Wizard Migraine
Wizard Rawk
Woad Blood
ZaZo's Magic Seeds


Astral Fortress
Candy Igloo
Cardboard Mansion
Cave of Solitude
Comfy Cave
Corn Castle
Corn Dome
Corn Parthenon
Funeral Home
Fruit Cake
Ghost Castle
Haunted Windmill
Nicelands Tower
Obelisx of Vengeance
Palace of Bone
Puffy Castle
Sand Castle
Sand Pyramid
Sand Sphinx
School House
Shadow Pyramid
Silo of Truth
Spirit Tower
Sun Pyramid
The Big Hen House
Woad Mobile Home

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