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Rarity There are five different rarities in Card Wars. There are Cool, Nice, Rare, Very Rare, Algebraic Rare. A card's stars represents it's rarity. 1 Star shows the card is of Cool Rarity, 2 Stars show that the card is of Nice rarity, 3 Stars show that the card is of Rare rarity, 4 Stars show that the card if of Very Rare rarity and 5 Stars show that the case of either Algebraic Rare or is a Black Card (unique cards that can only be earned by receiving first place in Deck Wars).

Obtaining Guide Edit

Cool, Nice, Rare, Very Rare and Algebraic Rare cards can be found in the Cool Chest for the cost of 10000 Coins. Rare, Very Rare, Algebraic Rare and gold versions of these cards can be found in Algebraic Chests for the cost of 3 gems. When it is Halloween and Christmas Holiday Cards can also be found in Algebraic Chests. Holiday Keys obtained at Christmas can open Holiday Chests.

There are 5 five types of chests that can be obtained in quests. Brown chests contain Cool cards, Red chests contain Nice cards, Silver chests contain Rare cards, Gold chests contain Very Rare cards and Skull chests contain Algebraic Rare cards.

Rarity Stars Rarity Level Chest Example
1 Cool Card Brown Chest


2 Nice Card Red Chest
Dragon claw

Dragon Claw

3 Rare card Silver Chest


4 Very Rare Card Gold Chest
Farmer Tom

Farmer Tom

5 Algebraic Rare Card Skull Chest
Ghost Bull

Ghost Bull

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