School House (★★★★★)
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School House

Card Type




Magic Cost

1 Magic Point

Building Effect

Your creature in this lane gains 5 Defense when a Floop ability is used.



School House is a 5 star, Algebraic Rare building in Card Wars. It can be obtained as a loot in Quest 51 or from a Cool Chest or Algebraic Chest.




Using this card on a low defense creature with a good Floop ability can be highly beneficial during certain staged of the game. Creatures this building works well with include: Earl, Log Knight, Cornataur, Porcelain Guardian as well as many others. Using this card you can create an effective wall with cards such as Detective Sally or Travelin' Wizard is useful.


This card can be countered using a Volcano, Dark Portal or a Floop ability (Most commonly affiliated with Blue plains creatures) such as Woadic Marauder.


School House can be used to craft

Card Drop Location Edit

Quest Drop Rate
76 4.6512%
77 4.5455%
83 7.4074%
85 6.4516%
86 5.2632%
94 2.2599%
95 2.2548%
96 2.0674%
97 2.5974%
98 3.2701%
99 3.2680%
100 3.1706%
101 3.1706%
102 3.1646%
112 3.0506%
113 3.0497%
114 3.0506%
Dungeon of Madness Lv. 4 14.29%
Dungeon of Terror Lv. 4 14.29%
Dungeon of Weird Lv. 4 14.29%
Dungeon of Thirst Lv. 4 14.29%
Dungeon of Fear Lv. 4 14.29%


  • It is one of the 2 Algebraic Rare cards that can be obtained in the Cool Chest. The other is Porcelain Guardian.

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