Snowy McSnow (★)
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Snowy McSnow

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Floop Ability

+1 Attack.

Floop Cost


Snowy McSnow is a 1 Star, Cool Rainbow creature in Card Wars. It could be obtained during the Christmas event in 2015.

It could be evolved into one of these Creatures during the event:


Overview: Edit

1 magic point for a 3 attack, 10 defense card. Overall, pretty useful for early stages of the fight, and stages of the map. 3 attack kills potential threats such as Burning Hand who could possibly send it to the graveyard in 2 hits, however 3 attack prevents it from doing so (even at gold). 10 defense prevents if from, like said before, being killed by 1 magic point glass cannons.

Tips: Edit

Play in the early stages of a fight, as many 1 magic point creatures, with the exception of black cards, do not have 10 or more attack. Sand Castle goes well with it, making Snowy into a 7 attack and 14 life creature.You could also use Cough Syrup to make it into a glass cannon with 10 attack and 3 life, however this makes it vulnerable to Cerebral Bloodstorm.


Any card with 10 or more attack can and will send it to the graveyard. You could also use Skull Juice to make it into a 10 attack, 3 life creature, so that it is easier to kill, as any creature with 3 attack could kill Snowy after you used Skull Juice. Subliminal Strength also kills it, as well as quite a few other cards.


Crafting recipe unknown.


  • Pair this card with Tax Reduction because it's Floop costs 10 magic points.


  • This card's Floop has the highest magic cost out of anything in the game.


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