This page explains the stats for a creature of each card rarity. This doesn't include non-creature cards.

Cool Highest Attack: 13, Rural Earl

Highest Defense: 16, Dr Phillip Flufferson

Lowest Attack: 1, The Pig, Heavenly Gazer, Improved Sugar Imp, Angel Heart

Lowest Defense: 1, Ethan Allfire, Ordinary Ninja

Nice Highest Attack: 13, Axey

Highest Defense: 15, Dragon Claw, Chad Bear, Snuggle Tree

Lowest Attack: 0, Wall of Ears

Lowest Defense: 3, White Ninja

Rare Highest Attack: 22, Patchy the Pumpkin

Highest Defense: 26, The Cow, Wall Of Sand

Lowest Attack: 0, Wall Of Sand

Lowest Defense: 5, Patchy the Pumpkin

Very Rare Highest Attack: 26, Sgt. Mushroom

Highest Defense: 37, Ghost Sludger

Lowest Attack: 0, Polterclops

Lowest Defense: 5, Quadurai

Algebraic Rare Highest Attack: 35, Dr. Death

Highest Defense: 47, Diamond Dan

Lowest Attack: 0, Fisher Fish, Yellow Gnome

Lowest Defense: 3, Banshe Princess

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