Sun Pyramid (★★★★★)
Rainbow icon
Sun Pyramid

Card Type




Magic Cost

1 Magic

Building Effect

Creature in this lane get 4 Attack every time it uses a Floop ability.



Sun Pyramid is a 5 star, Algebraic Rare building in Card Wars. It is currently unreleased for the player to use, but it has been used by Donut Goon in the demo for the Fionna and Cake Adventure



This building is best used with creatures with floop abilities that you use consistently, It would work very well with Nicelands creatures. Sun Pyramid is basically the opposite of the School House


Use this building with a creature that you FLOOP a lot. Works best with a creature that has high defense or a floop that gives it more defense like Sand Knight, Sandfoot, etc.



Uncraftable and cannot be used to craft other cards.

Card Drop LocationEdit

Unobtainable as loot.

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