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Tax Reduction (★★★★★)
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Tax Reduction

Card Type




Magic Cost

1 Magic

Spell Effect

All your creatures' FLOOP abilities cost 0 Magic Points this turn.



Tax Reduction is a 5 Star, Algebraic Rare spell in Card Wars. It is obtainable on level 89 in the Ice Kingdom.


Best used when you have lots of creatures on the field or you have a creatures with really high magic point cost floops.


This card is really good when you have creatures with good floops. This card is awesome with the Scroll of Bad Breath because you can revive it and use it again or you can use Gunter with it.


If used with Psionic Architect on the board or Scroll of Bad Breath, and Gunter's hero power, it can be recycled. This spell is very helpful if playing with halloween event creatures.



The obvious counter is Psychic Tempest


Crafting recipe unknown.

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