Teleport (★)
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Magic Cost


Spell Effect

Choose one of your creatures and return it to your hand.


Teleport is a 1 Star, Cool spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Cool Chest, as a loot in Quest 10 and 16 and in Fionna and Cake quests, or through crafting at the Card Forge.



This card is a cheap and somewhat useful card.


Use this card if you need to quickly heal a creature, or move a creature to another lane. Play this card, then play the creature you just returned to your hand. It will return with full health, thus making it slightly more useful than woad blood. Make sure you have enough magic points to re-cast the creature, however. Also, This card can become an OP Combo with brief power, witch way and Psionic Architect


There are 2 ways to counter this:

  • Defeat all of your opponent's creatures so there is no creature to return.
  • Use a Psychic Tempest.


Teleport can be crafted using

Teleport can be used to craft:

Card Drop LocationEdit

Quest Drop Rate
Fiona & Cake 8 20%

Notes Edit

  • This card was mentioned and seen at the episode by Jake.

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