El fisto defeat

El Fisto is injured from your previous match - when he was a boss!

El Fisto is back! He wants revenge, but he is injured. If you defeat him, you can win an algebraic rare gold card (Banshe Princess, Banshe Queen, and Unicylops) or 3 gems. Each reward card is obtained only once. There are a total of eight of these "Grudge Matches" randomly available to players during the course of the normal Fionna and Cake quests after reaching page #2. El Fisto will alert you when there is an algebraic card chance!

Before each match with El Fisto, this message will appear.


The first reward from El Fisto.


The second algebraic rare card from El Fisto.


The third and final algebraic rare card from El Fisto.


El Fisto's message after the eight and final (confirmed) "Grudge Match."

El Fisto Grudge Match Rewards:

Round Level HP Battles Needed Chance to Appear Reward
Round 1 9 55 3 50%
Bahshe Princess Gold
Round 2 12 70 8 100% 3 Gem Icon
Round 3 16 90 8 88% 3 Gem Icon
Round 4 20 110 8 75% 3 Gem Icon
Round 5 25 135 8 63%
Banshe Queen Gold
Round 6 25 135 8 50% 3 Gem Icon
Round 7 25 135 8 63% 3 Gem Icon
Round 8 25 135 8 80%
Unicylops Gold

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