• whenever I tap "buy" the screen goes black for a second and then just returns to the game...

    can someone tell me how I can buy it? I really need this questline, because I've been reading about the awesome loot you get there, and I need it now haha. (I'm on android btw)

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    • It doesn't work on my iPad either:( I type in my details and then it says u have already purchased this item would u like to get it for free? I click yes and then purchase was successful but it still shows the buy advert for it! Somebody please tell me why it won't work!

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    • I have the same problem with my iPad I've tried deleting and redownloading the game, still doesn't work. :( found out the problem was caused because the designers never made any updates to fix the bug downloaded. Card wars KINGDOM works great side quests are there so I think they must have given up on the original:(

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    • Yes

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    • Unfortunately they have give up on Card Wars. There will be no more updates or bug fixes which means you will never be able to buy the Fiona and Cake side quest, just like me. Since they have given up on the original, they have released a second: Card Wars Kingdom. This is working and has frequent updates, however it is harder to learn and I prefer the first one. RIP Card Wars. Have fun playing Card Wars Kingdom

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    • A FANDOM user
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