• I'm back to playing card wars again on a new device after about a two year break. I have played over 100 tournament matches this last fortnight though my deck hasn't been challenged once. I remember when playing before I was hardly ever challenged either. My battle deck is switched on and my standard Jake is a level 9. Why am I not getting challenged? dose anyone get challenged regularly?

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    • I haven't ever been challenged either and I've been playing more than a year.

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    • Sadly, it's because not many people play the game anymore, but their accounts still exist so you can play their decks

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    • Hmm, no I don't buy that. I first played card wars about two and half years ago when the game was fairly new. I played seriously for about six months, spending a lot of money on gems and winning nearly every tournament I entered thus having nearly every black card. I also contributed to this wiki alot at the time. In all that time my deck was challenged no more than three or four times. I personally believe the battle deck thing has never properly worked and we are all just playing the same few thousand decks over and over again. This game is so full of bugs and the developers never really did any real updates though they still charge good money for the game even now and the gems are still just as expensive. Those like me that come back to this game time and time again do so because its such a great concept though unfortunately badly executed.

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