Ultimate Magic Hands (★★★★★)
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Ultimate Magic Hands

Card Type




Magic Cost

3 Magic Points

Spell Effect

Choose an opposing creature and send it back to your opponent's hand.



Ultimate Magic Hands is a 5 Star, Algebraic Rare spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Algebraic Chest, or as loot in battle.




The Spell costs 3 magic points, it is best to use it only when you have a card with strong attack power. This way, you can cast it, select the creature opposite the said card, and then attack in the opponent's unprotected lane. This card is especially useful when the opposite card costs 5 magic points (a five star card), so then the opponent's next turn will most likely be spent placing that card again, so they won't have any magic points left to work on other moves.



Ultimate Magic Hands can be used to craft

Card Drop LocationEdit

Level 1 Finn


  • Ultimate Magic Hands appears in the Adventure Time episode "Wizard" as the best spell a wizard could cast.If you are thinking that your opponent has this kind of spell, use Psychic Tempest to prevent your opponent from casting this.

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