Unempty Coffin (★★★★)
Rainbow icon
Unempty Coffin

Card Type




Magic Cost

2 Magic Points

Spell Effect

Return any creature from your Discard Pile to your hand.



Unempty Coffin is a 4 Star, Very Rare spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Algebraic Chest, or as loot in Quests.



This card is pretty good overall as it can bring back good creatures, for example, your Dr. Death just died, you can revive him with Unempty Coffin and you can use him again!


This card is very useful and beneficial to use when bringing back overpowered creatures from the discard pile. Do not use it instantly unless one of your powerful creatures has died. Use along side Gunter or Psionic Architect for continuous use and possession.


The direct counter for this card is Psychic Tempest


Crafting recipe unknown.

Card Drop LocationsEdit

Unempty Coffin can be obtained as loot in

  • Quest 63 (Hunson Abadeer)
  • Quest 68 (Marceline)
  • Quest 69 (Marceline)
  • Quest 73 (Ash)
  • Quest 79 (Jake)
  • Quest 80 (Jake)
  • Quest 81 (Jake)
  • Quest 82 (Finn)
  • Quest 83 (Finn)
  • Quest 84 (Finn)
  • Quest 85 (Gunter)
  • Quest 88 (Ice King)
  • Quest 89 (Ice King)
  • Quest 90 (Ice King)

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