Most notably, this update has rearranged the entire main quest drops. Previous "highest drops" are no longer accurate.

One quest drops a max of 4 different cards. There is a bar displaying the 4 cards on the right side of a quest. The closer to the bottom the card is, the easier it is to get. The higher a card is on bar, the harder it is to get. Percentage are still needed for new drop rates.

Previous cards which were exclusive to Algebraic chests are now more readily available in this update. Cards such as Nicelands Tower and Steak Chop are now available as drops in this update. Also, gold versions of cards have become much more easily obtainable.

How this affects card wars card-economy: Because a lot of rare, craft-able cards can be dropped by quests, it is easier for some cards to be farmed than crafted.

New Vampire Cards only 5 are made.

More information needed on this update.

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