Hi. I'm Swagburgers. I used to be very active on this wiki. But...

This Wiki is Dying.

Which is because the game is dying, too. Kung Fu Factory, D3, or whoever makes content for the game hasn't relased new content since February. By now, we kind of know everything there is to know about Card Wars. The game eventually comes to a point where it stops being interesting. People still play it, but rarely do they continue to play it for a long time. Forum topics are having 1-week gaps between comments, if there are any. However, we might still have hope, as the seahorse, pizza slice, stuffed shark, and dodecahedron guy on the loading screen have not been released yet. But they probably won't be, becauase at this point, the developers have stopped caring.

Tell me if you disagree and you don't think the wiki is dying or that the game is still going strong.