Wizard Migraine (★)
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Wizard Migraine

Card Type




Magic Cost


Spell Effect

Discard your hand and gain 4 Magic Points


Wizard Migraine is a 1 Star, Cool Card in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Cool Chest, or as loot in battle.



Only use the Wizard Migraine Card when you have no other cards left in your hand. As this card and any others will be moved to the discard pile, the four extra magic points would be used to floop creatures.


Wizard Migraine should only be used if you have no other cards or cards which won't be effective against your opponent. Since this card discards your entire hand, it is best used as a crafting material.


The only way to counter this card is by using Psychic Tempest.


Wizard Migraine can be used to craft

Card Drop LocationEdit

Wizard Migraine can be obtained as loot in

Quest Drop Rate
4 9.0909%
6 9.0909%
8 7.1429%
10 6.6667%
11 7.1429%
12 8.3333%
13 6.2500%
14 6.6667%
15 6.6667%
19 6.2500%
21 5.6805%
41 30.3030%
91 14.9076%
92 14.8721%
93 14.8810%
103 14.9076%
104 14.9076%
105 14.8898%
106 17.3913%
107 17.4095%
108 17.4095%
109 18.0505%
110 18.0571%
111 18.0505%
Dungeon of Doom Lv.0 (Swamp) 13.3333%
Dungeon of Doom Lv.0 (Cotton) 13.3333%

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