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Woad Blood (★)
Rainbow icon
Woad Blood

Card Type




Magic Cost


Spell Effect

Choose one of your creatures and heal all damage.


Woad Blood is a 1 Star, Rainbow spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained from loot chests.


Since it fully heals a creature, it is viable for later levels. Main use is for stalling. An example is healing a high defense creature with no means of recovery.


Similar to some creatures floops. Depending on what creatures you have, it may not be worth using it.


Use it when one of your creatures is about to die.


Psychic Tempest will stop the opponent from using this spell.


Woad Blood can be used to craft

Card Drop Location Edit

Woad blood can be obtained extensively throughout the game, such as in the following locations:

  • Quest 4 (BMO)
  • Quest 14 (Flame Princess)
  • Quest 34 (Lady Rainicorn)
  • Quest 35 (Lady Rainicorn)
  • Quest 46 (BMO)
  • Quest 65 (Jake)
  • Quest 97 (Doctor Finn)
  • Quest 118 (Peppermint Butler)

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